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The Black Caucus of IAABO originated at the Fall Convention of IAABO that took place in Atlanta, Georgia in 1987. In Jimm Paull’s room at the Colony Square Hotel were Jimm Paull (Bd #42), Buddy Keaton and Ken Jordan (Bd #37) from New York City, Henry Hailstock and Willie L.A. Jones (Bd #12) from the Washington D.C. area, Dr. Kenneth Walker (Bd #84) from Rhode Island area and Past President of IAABO, Danny Doss (Bd #225) from Virginia.
The meeting was held because Danny Doss was now the Past President of IAABO and there was no one of color on the horizon that would be in position to eventually become president. This core group decided to go back to their respective areas and “preach” active involvement of people of color and women in the local, state and international levels of IAABO.
Since that meeting in 1987, here are some of the results: Three members of the Caucus have become President of IAABO, Dr. Kenneth Walker (IAABO Bd #84 in 2001) Henry Hailstock (IAABO “Bd #12 in 2007) and Willie L.A. Jones (IAABO Bd #12 in 2018). Black Caucus members are now part of the Executive Committee of IAABO with Richard Ogletree (IAABO Bd #12) serving as the Region 6 representative and Joseph Mitchell serving as the Region 7 representative. Black Caucus members have also been chairs, assistant chairs and members of IAABO’s various standing committees with Robert Alston presently serving as the Chair of the Board Relations and Policy Committee, Orrin Barfield now serving as the Chair of the Membership Committee and Valerie Light presently serving as the Assistant Chair of the Women’s Coordinating Committee.
As of 2018, Ken Jordan of Board #37 is the President of New York IAABO State Board #19. A. Nick Brown is the President of IAABO State Board #200, Robert Alston, Jr. is President of IAABO Bd #134, Maryland, Richard Ogletree is President of IAABO Bd #12 in Washington DC, Myles Dorch is President of IAABO Bd #42, Manhattan/Bronx, William G. Riley, Sr. is President of Brooklyn IAABO Bd #37, Fred Griffin is President of Bd #52, Westchester, Ken Jordan is Secretary/Treasurer of Board #37 Brooklyn, Jimmy Carter is Secretary/Treasurer of IAABO Bd #42, Irving Nash is Secretary/Treasurer of Board #52, Westchester, Jimm Paull is the Interpreter of IAABO Bd #42, Manhattan/Bronx, Gerald Aytes is the Interpreter of IAABO Bd #94, Hampton Roads. and Arnold Bundy, interpreter of IAABO Bd #23 Md.
Ten members of the Caucus have achieved the highest honor that IAABO can bestow, that of Honorary Life Membership: Charles Ball (Bd #134), Al Brooks (Bd #157), Joe Chase (Bd #134), Reggie Greenwood (Bd #12), Henry Hailstock (Bd #12), LeRoy Hendricks (Bd #42), Joe Mitchel (Bd #134), Jimm Paull (Bd #42) and John Purvis (Bd #42).
Danny Doss (Bd #225), James “Buddy” Keaton (Bd #37), John Purvis (Bd #42) and Dr. Ken Walker (Bd #84) have all had foundation chairs established in their names.
In the Eighties, Danny Doss was the only person of color to serve as a presenter at the IAABO Fall Conventions. He was followed by Jimm Paull, the IAABO Bd #42 and former New York State Interpreter who made numerous presentations during the nineties and mid 2000’s. Ken Jordan, a long time secretary of Brooklyn’s IAABO Bd #37 (the only non interpreter in the thirty pus years to ever make a presentation), Jeffrey Smith (3) the former Site Interpreter of Connecticut (State Bd #6), Michael Stratham IAABO Bd #12 Interpreter from 2013-18, (2) and Valerie Light (1) Assistant Interpreter of Connecticut Board #6 have made presentations since 2011. At the fall convention that will take place in Cape Cod, Maine in 2018, Both Robert H. Alston, Jr from Bd #134 and A. Nick Brown from Bd #200 will be making their initial presentations in front of the interpreters at the convention. Members of the caucus such as Joe Mitchell (the former President of the Caucus) IAABO Bd #134 and Orrin Barfield Bd #119 have served as clinicians helping to diversify the staffing of the IAAABO Referee schools.
Members of the caucus have contributed articles in IAABO’s Sportorial newsletter and NASO’s Referee magazine.
The caucus has always aimed at formulating a method for the continued improvement of officials. Obviously, that includes an educational component. Because of this, the Black Caucus sponsored an educational seminar at the 2007 Fall Convention held in Mystic Connecticut titled “What it Takes to Get to the Next Level” that was chaired by caucus member Henry Hailstock. The panel that participated in the seminal included NBA official Matt Boland, Black Caucus member Jeffrey Smith, an WNBA official who is currently working a number of women’s D-1 conferences, Black Caucus member Reggie Greenwood, currently a NCAA Conference supervisor for the Patriot and the Ivy Leagues and a former top rated NCAA D-1 official, David Walker, a D-1 official who has worked in the IBL. Last but not least, Cecil Watkins who was the CEO and President of the National Pro-Am and was responsible for a significant number of officials including Ronnie Nunn making it into the NBA was part of the panel. The panel shared information that they considered important in “climbing” the officiating career ladder with delegates at that convention. The Caucus has also sponsored two additional events with the same title in the New York City area in 2011 and 2012. One of the ultimate goals of the caucus in conjunction with IAABO is to establish officiating camps to assist in the improvement of all officials.
Because members of the caucus have always enjoyed the social interaction with the rest of the IAABO family, they sponsored the entertainment for the delegates at the 2007 Spring meeting that was held in Rockville Md. with what the caucus called “The Motown Review.” The caucus has also hosted the Roger Sheridan hospitality room.
Over the years since the establishment of the caucus, there has been a significant increase in the number of IAABO members of color in the involvement in all facets of IAABO from the general population to the Executive committee and the IAABO referee schools. With the help of the present and future membership, it is the hope of the caucus that there will be a continued increase in the participation of individuals of color and women in IAABO activities on all levels



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